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Why Should You Join KHYEE as a Member?

Why You Should Join KHYEE as a Member

As a brief summary, the Kids Healthy Yum Yum Eating program is designed to create a welcoming space for children and their loved ones. Through sharing recipes, fun events, and a strong community, DYKB has created a program that helps families grow closer and healthier. One of the ways you can play a more purposeful role in these programs is by becoming a member. Today, we’ll talk about the types of membership, what they entail, and the benefits you gain by becoming one.

What are the Membership Options?

There are two main membership options available on the DYKB website.

The first option is Youth Membership. This option costs 25 dollars annually and has more specific functions. For users who want to support more individual programs, such as the Reading Program or Kids Healthy Eating program, this would be an excellent option.

The second choice is the Gold Membership. For 99 dollars per year, this option offers members the ability to give a comprehensive donation. This is a great option for those searching to support DYKB and its programs as a whole. In return, members gain access to several benefits.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

In addition to supporting the program, DYKB has provided several perks for those who choose to become a member. Here are some of the privileges you gain from joining the program:

  • Youth Membership: After advancing to a Youth Membership, supporters get their name on the exclusive Sponsor/Donor list as well obtaining regular updates on the projects that your donations are going to. Through the donation, you support the Reading and Youth Debate program or the Kids Healthy Eating program. After the KHYEE welcome certificate and Sticker, members also get the recipe e-book for free as well as access to the monthly Zoom meetings.

  • Gold Membership: In addition to the previous benefits, this choice offers members a DYKB Certificate, as well as discount codes for several merchandise options. Your donation is also widespread, supporting all programs instead of one.

Have any questions? Contact to get started!

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