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Volunteer Testimonials

"I had recently completed an online certificate course in technical writing when I joined DYKB as one of their volunteers. It was a perfect bridge between my newly learned skill in technical writing and an introduction to remote work. The volunteer opportunity permitted me to use my new technical writing skills plus work experience to help streamline the organization's volunteer intake process. Skillsets were enhanced and developed while at DYKB - communication, administrative, interview skills, and multi-tasking all while remote! I gained confidence and validation in my skills for program management with their volunteer opportunity as a program director. Little did I know that it prepared me for the endeavors I would later take on in my personal and professional life. I have DYKB to thank for this!"

-Our Program Director

Share Your Volunteer Journey with Us!


At DYKB, we value and care about the unique experiences and contributions of each volunteer. Whether you've just begun your volunteering journey or have been with us for a while, we'd love to hear about your experience!

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