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Youth Programs

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Youth participation in the socio economic race of any country is an important aspect as it affects social and monetary advancement of the society. In this regard, DYKB has launched a program through which young generation can get opportunities to excel in their respective fields. Following are the important programs included in the program:


 topic of the season will be chosen and signed off by an admin.  The layout of the actual debate will be officially set. Broadcast dates will be sent to the SMA’s and the advertising for this season will be signed off on by the President.

Kids Reading Outdoor

Live readings can be daunting, especially if you are not used to standing up in front of others. They are a performance, as much as singing a song or acting in a play is a performance. You are reading words aloud for others to hear.


This program is designed to show a wide range of support for children interested in eating healthy with fun and creative ideas via our Instagram channel.It has a speech development and reading aspect coming in the future as we expand.

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