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Board Members

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Help Us To Help Others
Be Ready To Work With Us
President - C.E.O 
Dennis J Steward Jr

Partner/Event Coordinator Dominiques Rasta Shoppe 2013 to Present.

Vice President - Youth Program Director
Dominique Steward

Youth Program Director 18+ years  CNA, Small Business Owner

Treasurer - Global Outreach Director 
Cristina Bulatao

*Bachelors in Psychology*  *Associates in Business Science*

Program Director
Mrs. Ana C Chavez

Twenty plus years of healthcare experience.

Eliezer Bernard Owusu Ntim.jpeg
Social Media Assistant
Eliezer Bernard

Social Media Assistant in Ghana Medical Doctor and Creative Writer

Herman Fortune.jpg
Cameroon Field Technician
Mbawah Jabea Fortune

Project Leaders: Collecting Medical Herbs for Seed Bank Project.

Annual Report