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Give a Little. Change a Lot.

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Donation Information

Donations are the lifeblood of a Non Profit organization.  As a 501(c)3 located in Northern California, our programs reach far beyond our borders. We are running a $5 donation campaign in efforts to raise the funds needed for our Earthbag Building Training Center.

As an organization we have acquired 1.25 Acres in Winnemucca, Nv. We will begin training in preparation for our trip to Ghana and future trips to other parts of the world. Your donation is essential. Take this time to look at some of the structures we will be building as well learning the solar and plumping systems that go along with them. 


I know you will be their for us when we need you, that is why you are here. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Join our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected.


Donations for the D.Y.K.B. are used toward the organization's development, from printing costs to equipment costs and everything in between. Our organization can not function without your support.  Your donation is vital to our success, and we thank you for your help. We look forward to continuously impacting the communities of young people around the world.


Donations for the Earth Bag program we are currently building toward will be used for legal fees and supplies needed to host the building events. We have already purchased a piece of land in Winnemucca Nevada (Parcel ID 07-0411-04) for the location of our first set of classes. We are far from our goal with a launch date of 2026 but we are excited to see all the support we have been shown thus far. This is the best way to support the future of the D.Y.K.B.


Donations to the youth programs allow us to use these resources toward the growth and development of our youth programs.  Each program requires a high amount of resources. We have over 20+ volunteers locked in supporting our youth all around the world day and night. From youth debates that are live-streamed to healthy cooking recipes and competitions supporting healthy eating habits for young people everywhere. As well as young readers pushing forward to becoming amazing speech writers, authors, and more. Donations to this link directly support a young person's development.

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