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Youth Programs Donation Information

Support DYKB’s Youth Programs: Your Contribution Can Make a Difference!

DYKB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing the potential of our youth through various enriching programs. Here’s how your donation can help:

  1. Youth Debate Team ($13,425):

    • Foster critical thinking and public speaking skills among our youth.

    • Provide resources for debate materials and competition fees.

    • Empower youth to express their ideas and opinions confidently.

    • Encourage active participation in societal issues.

    • Develop leadership skills and teamwork.

  2. Youth Reading Program ($3,285):

    • Promote literacy and a love for reading.

    • Purchase books and reading materials.

    • Enhance language skills and comprehension.

    • Stimulate imagination and creativity.

    • Encourage lifelong learning.

  3. Kids Healthy Yum Yum Eating Program ($6,325):

    • Teach kids the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits.

    • Procure healthy food supplies and cooking equipment.

    • Promote physical health and well-being.

    • Develop cooking skills and food knowledge.

    • Encourage mindful eating and food choices.

Remember, every donation, no matter the size, can significantly impact these programs and, in turn, our community’s future. Plus, all donations are tax-deductible, providing you with a benefit. Donation receipts are issued for any donations $250 or above.

Please donate now and make a difference in the lives of our youth!

All Donations are collected using GiveButter
Sustainable Habitat Program Donation Information

Empower Change with DYKB Nonprofit: Your Contribution Can Make a World of Difference

As a 501©3 nonprofit organization based in Northern California, DYKB is dedicated to fostering change that transcends geographical boundaries. We are embarking on an ambitious $85,000 fundraising campaign to support our Earthbag Building Training Center, and we need your help.

Our Vision: The Earthbag Building Training Center

We have secured 1.25 acres in Winnemucca, Nevada, where we will commence training for our upcoming expedition to Ghana and future global initiatives. The structures we aim to build, as well as the accompanying solar and plumbing systems, are designed to promote sustainable and resilient communities.

Our $85,000 Fundraising Campaign

We are on a mission to raise $85,000 to fund our diverse programs, including the Earthbag Building Training Center. Your donation is more than just a contribution; it’s a commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future for communities worldwide.

Why Your Donation Matters?

Your generous donation:

  • Enables the construction of our Earthbag Building Training Center

  • Supports our preparation for the upcoming expedition to Ghana

  • Facilitates planning for future global initiatives

  • Provides vital resources for our ongoing programs

Stay Connected

Join us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on our progress, learn about our impact, and witness how your donations are making a difference.

We are confident that you’re here because you believe in our mission. We sincerely appreciate your time, consideration, and support. Together, we can make a world of difference.

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