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What we are all about....


We seek to provide opportunities and avenues for growth within the youth population of our communities.

From “Science Fair’s” that focuses on developing the next generation of Climate Change Specialists to drone engineers and state and city officials seeking to improve our community by taking action.

Our goal is simple, to teach teamwork, self-respect, self-confidence, and community action in all our events and activities.

The D.Y.K.B Kickball League is the flagship program we host, in which this can be achieved.

Our goal is simple; we plan to hold several events locally within Solano County each year. These events will provide great community activities for the whole family that is fun, educational in nature, and geared toward bringing people together. Our motto is, “Together we are better.”

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About Us
To support the youth population in a way that advances their ability to affect the communities they are in. Not be a victim to the situations around them, but to grow together and share ideas, then put them into action.
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Address: Northern California

WhatsApp: +17073729573


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