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How and Why KHYEE Started

A Word from Dominique Steward

For new readers, Dominique Steward is the Vice President of DYKB and one of the founders of DYKB. Here is a message from her to all the supporters and newcomers of the Kids Healthy Yum Yum Eating program:

“I would like to start the blog off with thanking God for blessing me with the talent he gave me to share with the world. I prayed to God before every recipe I created, and he blessed me to create it through him. I give all praise and glory to him. I do all my works through God and thank him all the time. He gives me these ideas, God is so good! This is how KHYYE started, and God blessed me with the idea!”

What is the Kids Healthy Yum Yum Eating Program?

Making sure your kids eat healthily is an important goal of every parent’s life. Having to come up with meals everyday, while making sure it has enough nutrition and power, can sometimes be difficult. Kids Healthy Yum Yum Eating program was designed to incorporate fun recipes, teachings, and colorful designs into cooking and eating. Through the organization’s many outlets, kids can find new joy in discovering new ways to eat.

How did KHYEE Start?

In 2019, Dominique Steward noticed that her children had different preferences for eating foods. Some preferred eating boiled vegetables while others enjoyed them raw. Dominique loved art. So, in order to incorporate her kids' personal style into her diet, she decided to channel her skills into making food. She created food art out of fruits, veggies, and substituted healthier alternatives such as yogurt, granola and mixed nuts. For 60 days, Dominique and her family came up with creative ways to eat meals. After the months passed, her kids started doing it on their own.

After that moment, Dominique learned an important message: Incorporating fun ways to make and eat meals will encourage children to stay healthier. In January 2020, she started the Kids Healthy Yum Yum Eating program.

What are the Goals of KHYEE?

KHYEE centers around the idea of making sure kids are staying nourished and healthy with help from their parents and community. There are three ways DYKB plans to do this:

  1. Community: One of the goals of this program is to make sure that there is room for everyone, not just parents. As the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” goes, there are multiple avenues where a child can have health benefits. This can come from grandparents, caretakers, and even teachers.

  2. Health: Eating meals isn’t just about the body, but about the mind and soul as well. The lessons that KHYEE provides will apply to all parts that a child needs to grow up healthy, nurtured, and loved.

  3. Creativity: Through a growing community, KHYEE plans to combine ideas from the organization and the members to communicate ways to help children eat healthily. These can come from sharing recipes, coming to events, and working together as a family.

Through these goals, KHYEE hopes to create a welcoming space for families and children to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Have any questions or comments? Leave them down below!

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